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a. Therapeutic Centre, 21 Oaks Ave, Dee Why

Welcome to The ART ROOM:

The ART ROOM is both a concept and a place. It is a place filled with oil pastels, paints, brushes and papers. And its a space where new perspectives can be found and insights embraced.

Artmaking comes more from the body than the intellect. Carl Jung once said “often the hand knows how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has wrestled in vain”. Sometimes we need to clarify a vague idea, a shadow of a thought, a fleeting sensation, by giving it form. This can be done by drawing, painting or sculpture.

In The ART ROOM, art gives us a way to experience ourselves in relation to the world. Sir Winston Churchill said "Painting is a companion with whom one may walk a great part of life's journey".

That life's journey is not always smooth sailing. Yet illness, loss, isolation – immersion in any turbulent experience – can be life enhancing. When we create a picture, or make a sculpture, the paint or the stone allows us to go invent, experiment, grow, take risks, lose our fear of being wrong, and have a lot fun.

The art materials don’t always do what we want them to do - in the order we want them to do it in. Sometimes they muck-up our vision of our picture or sculpture. In the same way, Life wanders, stops to explore, and loses it place. It trips up, runs into brick walls, cries in frustration, and then has a good laugh as it gets up and brushes itself off.

And this is what The ART ROOM is all about...

" The colours and the threads are uniquely our own but the fabric is common to all of us "

Boots Gavran