Damage to a marble sculpture by a lady in a suit

Hewn from the Carriera Mountains in Italy by world renown Japanese Artist, Kan Yasuda, these beautiful sculptures stand out in the public domain in Philips Street.

Very late one October night the eight foot high marble sculptures were vandalized. The texts, scribbled in blue felt-tip pen, were menacing and both staff and tenants of the building were visibly distressed by the attack.

We arrived on site the following morning to begin the process of removing the graffiti as quickly and safely as possible. Based on our own expertise and previous consultation with the Artist, we were able to very gently remove all traces of the writing. The sculptures were then carefully washed and left to dry.

At nightfall, we commenced a complete re-seal of the surfaces of both the Stones with a custom-made protective sealer. The sculpture was guarded through the night while the sealer dried and by dawn of the next day, Touchstones was restored to its original state.


Repairs to valuable Shona sculptures

These amazing sculptures, made from Zimbabwean serpentine by world renown sculptors John Takawira and Nicholas Mukomberanwa, have been a treasured part of a Sydney family for decades.  Sadly, some were recently damaged by careless cleaners so we were called in to repair them.  Other Shona sculptures were in need of some gentle TLC too.  

We spent three days onsite in a lovely garden repairing and then cleaning, rewaxing and polishing these beautiful sculptures back to their natural glory  [see image right of before/after repairs]   

The other sculptures were carefully repaired in the Artworksinc studio.  They were then mounted on new bases - each carefully chosen to suit the stone, the aesthetics and the spirit of the work and reinstalled in the family home.


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