The RedBall Project, October 2003

American installation Artist Kurt Perschke's RedBall Project played with scale and proportion by wedging a red ball that looks the size of a tomato, but was bigger than a two-storey townhouse in sites around the world.

The Sydney City Council ran the RedBall Project as part of the Art & About festival in Sydney in 2003.

Kurt's red ball was squished into public places around the world such as the Roman Wall in Barcelona, the ancient walled city of El Bruc, the Sydney Harbour Bridge… and up against the Touchstones.

When the Sydney City Council Public Art Co-ordinator proposed the inclusion of the Touchstones in the project, there were concerns that the ball’s red colour may cause damage to the marble.

Artworksinc was called in to consult with both the Artist and the Council and were on site when the ball was being installed. Which Kurt was grateful for - whilst no damage occurred to the Touchstones, he needed a few bodies weight to manoeuvre the very BIG ball into the space between the Stones and the canopy above!

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