Restoration and Repairs:

High value Artworks need specialist care. These significant investments can all too easily detract rather than enhance the value of a property or collection if they are damaged or neglected.

Artworksinc has the knowledge and skills to restore and maintain an Artwork in pristine condition and help maximise both the image and worth of the asset for which it was purchased. We understand both the challenges facing artists and the very different demands confronted by property managers and art collectors.


I think we can say without fear of contradiction that generally, people – and seagulls - do not respect Art.

Unfortunately, our experience has shown that the dirtier an Artwork is, the more likely it is to be vandalised. This is especially true of corporate Art that is out in the public arena where it is exposed to traffic and city grime.

Once a vandalised or eroded artwork has been restored, it needs to be kept clean. Cleaning contractors seldom have the technical knowledge of the materials and processes used by artists to properly and safely carry out this regular cleaning or maintenance. In fact they can unwittingly expose these Artworks to significant risk of irreparable damage.

Artworksinc operate a number of maintenance programs on vulnerable artworks, which over a period of years, have shown to vastly minimise the rate of vandalism or deterioration of these valuable works.

Special projects

Corporate buildings are generating ever-increasing interest from the general public and so are their Artworks. Some public Sydney artworks are photographed literally thousands of times a year and are recognisable world-wide. Used by the media, film and advertising industries, the very fine balance of retaining these works as important contributions to Australia’s public Art, and enjoying the iconic fame that comes with them is every property manager’s nightmare.

Artworksinc has a wealth of experience and the knowledge to deal with the pitfalls and joys of managing the life of a celebrity Artwork. We do understand both the challenges facing media and film makers and the very different demands confronted by property managers.

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