Maintaining the Three Wheelers at Aurora Place

Created by American artist Tim Prentise, the 'Three Wheelers' is a site-specific kinetic sculpture which turns on the airflow generated with the aid of tiny fans. Constructed in lightweight metal, it is the stunning centerpiece of the Aurora Place lobby and is reportedly part of one of Australia’s most valuable corporate art commissions.

The artist has sought to both compliment and capitalize on the location which means that the terracotta walls and the surrounding environment are all part of the artwork.

Installed in late 2000 when Aurora Place was built, within only a short twelve months or so, the Three Wheelers’ intricate parts had quickly clogged with traffic grime and dust. The Wheels have 240 tiny lexan blades altogether and 36 finely balanced floating discs.

An initial major clean of the installation was necessary in 2002 to remove the black grimey dust from each element of the work, as well as the build-up of sticky black dirt on the terracotta tiled wall behind the sculpture. This entailed careful washing of the wall, each oblong lexan blade and each of the painted aluminium discs.

Although its’ delicate structures are not easily prone to vandalism or accident – apart from the odd dropped café latte which somehow makes its way onto it – 'Three Wheelers' does require regular cleaning and maintenance.

The blades, discs and other elements are carefully cleaned once a month and the rusty metal work gently maintained. The terracotta tiles and fans behind the work are also cleaned two to three times a year.

Artworksinc keeps in touch with the artist regularly.  We have carried out two major mechanical repairs over the last fourteen years to ensure that the Three Wheelers function well day after day.