Suz the artist

Born and educated in Africa, Suz has lived and worked in five countries on three different continents. She graduated with honours from National Art School in 2004, where she won the Sir Hermann Black Gallery Prize for outstanding performance in sculpture and was co-winner of the Julian Beaumont Sculpture Prize for best performance in sculpture.

Her prizewinning artworks have shown and sold in over thirty exhibitions including in the Australian National Maritime Museum.
One of her wall sculptures "SeaJewell" [top right] is in the Australian National collection. 


About her sculptures   

Suz grew up in Zimbabwe. Her memories and experiences of Africa and its people are still very close to her heart and filter through in her sculptures.  Her works are gently abstracted, yet there is an underlying sense of Life's journey, transience and social memory.   With recurring references to boats - an ancient metaphor for "journey" - and other emotive symbols, Suz uses stone, weathered wood, rusted steel, and time-honoured paper and woven fabric. 

The combination of these materials create an intriguing contradiction - the heaviness of the metal or stone emphasizes the lightness and translucence of the fabric or paper.  Many of her sculptures incorporate active elements such as pendulums, audio sound, light and water.  

Suz' honours thesis was "Rites of Passage". This body of work began in a deep concern for teenage suicide in Australia, which led to an exploration of cultural issues in tribal African and modern Australian society.  "Rites of Passage" has evolved and continues to do so.

favourite exhibition: 

'Tree of Life', Royal North Shore Hospital:  Officially opened
by the Governor of NSW, this exhibition reflected a strong connection to the age-old fig tree which has been carefully preserved next to the new North Shore Hospital building. 
As well as drawing attention to the benefits of art in the hospital setting, the exhibition made it possible for the RNSH to acquire works of art for the newly opened Community Health Centre. 

Suz' wall sculpture 'Ansita' was one of these purchased.  

She states...  "my inspiration for this work was my dear Mum Mary who spent time in the care of both Royal North Shore and Manly Hospitals before she passed away peacefully at home in November 2009".