Welcome to Artworksinc

Artworksinc has been in the sculpture maintenance business, both in the private and public realm, for nearly eighteen years. Amongst our corporate clientele is the prestigious Aurora Place whose well-known Artworks have been maintained by Artworksinc since 2002.

Our vision:

Corporate buildings are generating ever-increasing interest from the general public and, like their architecture, their artworks are a very important contribution to Australia's public Art.

These significant investments, which should enhance the value of a property, can so easily detract from the asset if they are not kept in pristine condition. Like the buildings themselves, each Artwork has a keen philosophical and physical sensitivity to its surroundings which needs professional care by specialists who understand the challenges faced by both artists and property managers.

Our approach:

We assist Property Managements and Art Collectors with the difficult task of maintaining their Artworks in pristine condition to maximise their value.

Where possible, Artworksinc begins by consulting closely with the Artist before initiating repairs and maintenance programs. Based on these insights, and extensive consultation with contractors and specialists with skills appropriate to the task, a proposal is discussed with the Management team or Art collector. The proposal covers detailed policies and procedures, OH&S criteria and a range of options and costs.

Suz personally carries out or supervises all repairs and maintenance, and engages other artists with relevant specialist skills on specific projects. <more>